Eggbut Roller Mouth Bit with Dble Copper Rollers and copper Inlays


Barrel with Double copper Rollers: A Barrel/roller covering the joint, protects the tongue from getting caught in the joint; spreads the centre pressure over a wide, smoother area, preventing the nut-cracker action of traditional snaffles. Additional feature is the double copper Rollers/Rings that brings better focus for the horse on to the tongue. The horse gets relaxed and stays focused on the tongue preventing it from being easily distracted so more responsive to the reins of the rider. Copper Inlay Small copper inserts on the mouthpiece act on the inside of the lips to encourage salvation. This helps to keep the mouth moist and comfortable.Independent side movement The clever engineering allows independent side movement. It allows the rider to isolate one side of the bit to give clear and unambiguous signals for lifting a shoulder and for balancing and bending. The joints in traditional bits often catch when one side is moved, preventing each side of the mouthpiece from working independently, and this can lead to contradictory signals and resistance.

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