premium quality Certified investment casting

Investment Castings. also named lost wax casting is an advanced metal Casting process used to produce metal parts of the highest quality, functionality . It is the most cost-effective, and precise way of designing and manufacturing components for a wide range of manufacturing industry.


Ahmed Corporation, ISO 9001 Certified Company in Pakistan Offers
following major facilities:

  • Investment casting / Lost Wax Casting.
  • Sand casting
  • Compression Die Casting
  • Machining/Tool Work
  • Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Grinding
  • Mirror Polishing
  • 3D designing
  • Die, Mould and Pattern making

Markets Served:

  • Automobile Components
  • Weapon parts
  • Construction Hardware & Equipment
  • Textile Machinery Parts
  • Agriculture machinery parts
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Electrical Engineering Items
  • General Engineering Items
  • Equestrian Hardware

Other Advantages of Investment casting:

  • Reduction in weight of casting and consequent saving in metal cost.
  • Close dimensional tolerance
  • Reduction in machining cost
  • Intricate design in as-cast condition and better surface finish.
  • Improved aesthetic appearance.
  • Greater design freedom
  • Wide choice of metal composition.
  • Precise and Uniform Casting

about ahmed corporation

Ahmed Corporation ISO 9001 Certified Investment Casting Company produce Quality Investment Castings. We supply investment castings to a wide variety of industries. Automobile Components, Weapon parts, Construction Hardware & Equipment, Textile Machinery Parts, Agriculture Machinery Parts , Electrical Engineering Items, General Engineering Items and Equestrian Hardware

Ahmed Corporation casts a variety of alloys. Stainless Steels, Copper , Copper Alloys, Brass, Aluminum and Mild Steel.

Why Buy from Ahmed Corporation Investment Casting Company?

Investment casting allows for a better surface finish , close tolerances and complex parts. You can also add lettering or numbers to your parts. Investment casting provides cost saving in material, labor and machining. It provides you with tremendous design flexibility.

Our casting capabilities enable us to give our customers a variety of casting processes, including investment casting, sand casting and die casting .

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